Branding Opportunities That You Should Avail Of


There are different kinds of branding opportunities that exist and these can be taken advantage of for strengthening your company’s brand or the image of your different products and services. For instance, the ballpark where the Chicago Cubs play has been named Wrigley Field in the twenties in honor of the owner of the team, William Wrigley Jr. It has also become the name of the chewing gum that helped elevate the ballpark as well as create a distinct and well-known side product which is popular until today. It is an instance of successful outdoor branding that can help you understand how to make use of a brand name and create impressions in the minds of people. For instance, you have seen NASCAR vehicles and drivers have the logo on the vehicles, on their clothes as well as glued on as decals everywhere.

The lesson that you learn is that you need to take on and seize opportunities to promote your brand logo in whichever way you can. You could feature your logo or your name as well as combines the same with a website or phone number details on vehicles that carry your brand, products or services, on social media channels, hoardings, and others.

In order to make your brand image stand out, use graphics, these work great for the content or for social media marketing. When you share articles on Twitter or Facebook, the images grab what the attention of people and help to impress, depending on the kind of content or media that you flash about your products and services. Here is an example of an excellent logo and branding from a local carpet cleaning company Steele Carpet Cleaning:

Besides graphics, in case of physical advertising, the packaging of your products is also important. The shipping boxes, as well as bags that you get manufactured for your products or that you give away to customers at the stores, work as powerful means of brand advertising. Ensure that you opt for the right kind of printing option to create attractive designs as well as useful packaging materials that can be reused by the customers.

In all kinds of official communication ensure that you include your brand logo; this should be part of the email marketing communication as well as on social media buttons, links which can be easily customized.

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Various Media Platforms You Can Use To Advertise And Promote Your Products And Services

Media Platforms

With the advances in technology many things have changed around us, and media are no more untouched with that change. If said media has been impacted by this change the most, then it would not be a wrong statement. Look around you and you will find how media has revolutionized in the past few years.

The pattern of advertisement, business promotion, publicity, everything has changed noticeably. The media has transformed so drastically that now it is the part of our day to day life. And if talk about a business or a firm, and then it cannot separate itself from the media. We require the media support at every step. If the business is related to service or product, it will require a good media platform to show its presence. And at the present time, it is important to show the presence as well as now the market is running on the concept “What is seen is sold.”

There are different media platform present, which you can use for your benefit like. The platforms are:

  •         Print media

The print media are the newspapers, magazines, tabloids and other types of publication. It is a traditional media and still has its worth. The print media platform is basically used for advertising and promoting a product or a business. The platform is also widely used for sharing information. Suppose, if you have launched a new product in the market, what you would do to share information about the launch of that product to your consumer? Certainly, you will take the help of print media to circulate this information.

  •         Electronic media

This is the second most popular media platform used for the advertisement and promotion of products and services. As far as the reach and impact of this platform is a concern, it has a wider and deeper reach in comparison to print media. Moreover, its impact is also better. The reason for the same is that electronic media use visuals to advertise and visuals are always more effective than words. Additionally, the electronic media has transformed a lot from the time of its inception and thus, has become more creative and offer creative freedom.

  •         Social media

Social media is the youngest child of media, which is attracting many these days. Different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are used as a platform to advertise products and services. And within a short time of its inception, the platform had managed to make it reach go deeper and wider. Though, this is young but extremely effective and result oriented.

To collect more information about various media and its role, you can contact any service provider who offers a complete solution under one roof.

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Importance Of Social Media Solutions For Business

Social Media

If you are in business and don’t use social media, it is indeed hard to imagine. A business without social media means hindering your own path to success. Consumers today spend maximum time on digital media and hence it is important for businesses to consider tools related to digital communication. Social media solutions top the list as it’s the best marketing strategy for survival. When you think of a digital marketing plan, think of certain elements which include search engine optimization, website, social media, and advertising. Social media is indeed the most vital digital marketing elements and is also cost-effective.

Different types of social media

There are various social media platforms which most of us don’t consider as social media. However, each one has its own objective for consumers. Social networking sites, media sharing sites, discussion forums, bookmarking, blogging and publishing are some of the social media platforms which help to take your business forward and at great heights. To find the most suitable social media solutions for your business begins with the target audience. Understand your audience as it helps to form any part of your marketing strategy. The potential clients dictate the media that you use in your strategies and the contents need to be tailored to them.

How to choose the right media solutions?

  •         The topmost factor to consider before you implement your social media solutions is that you need not have an account on all platforms only because they exist. Make use of your audience to help you decide on choosing the best social media. The most useful platforms to interact and communicate with clients are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  •         Don’t just create the accounts and post randomly as there’s more to social media strategy. The key to implement social media solutions successfully is to remain active on all accounts. Expect audience base to increase only when you post and keep other users engaged actively.

Begin with a small posting routine and once you get well versed with these platforms, increase the posts. Create a social media post schedule and keep a tab on the content that’s been posted and also the time. With the help of multiple online resources, you can easily determine the exact time to post for audiences. Thus, social media solutions are highly valuable for your business. There are many media solution companies which help to take your business to the next level.

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What Is New In Media Offerings 2018?


When it comes to media solutions, there is something new and exciting to find in this world at all times. As the ad agencies struggle to retain clients and provide them greater ROI and impactful advertising and marketing solutions, it is only new technologies and creative solutions that come to their aid. Here we take a look at what is trending in this segment and what you could expect your ad agency to offer you this year.

Experiential marketing is something that grabs attention every now and then. Guerrilla marketing tactics are especially harnessed by certain brands and their ad agencies to create impressions that catch customers unaware and leave a lasting impression. They create experiences and a spotlight on unconventional thoughts and approaches to problems, thereby creating an indirect link between the ad and what is actually being sold, whether it is a product or service.

Outdoor advertising has developed by leaps and bounds due to the advent of digital billboard technology. Nowadays the static prints are one of the several options, besides exploring new and innovative options like digital billboards or creative wall scapes.

Social media advertising is the next big thing that factors in for most ad companies and their clients. There are different approaches that can be taken in this aspect as well. Social media ads are not only about creative animations, flash videos, but also about creating social awareness campaigns that extend beyond one or two announcements. There is also an expanding world of online and mobile app advertising that opens up more vistas and creative possibilities.

Whether you are looking to buy media slots, get traditional prints for your office or wish to get outdoor billboards done, check out what is new and trending among the ad blogs that are out there. These are created and run by creative professionals or enthusiasts in the ad marketing world. Even in the broad categories of ad campaigns and marketing, there are new approaches being taken, designs being made and solutions being given by marketing gurus. Reading up on such trends and insights can provide you something new to think about.

If you are in the ad business, it would help provide new solutions to your clients or harness something new in marketing technologies, whether in print or digital media that would delight your clients as well as ensure that their ad campaigns will see greater success and bring in more ROI for their investments.

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