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What Is New In Media Offerings 2018?


When it comes to media solutions, there is something new and exciting to find in this world at all times. As the ad agencies struggle to retain clients and provide them greater ROI and impactful advertising and marketing solutions, it is only new technologies and creative solutions that come to their aid. Here we take a look at what is trending in this segment and what you could expect your ad agency to offer you this year.

Experiential marketing is something that grabs attention every now and then. Guerrilla marketing tactics are especially harnessed by certain brands and their ad agencies to create impressions that catch customers unaware and leave a lasting impression. They create experiences and a spotlight on unconventional thoughts and approaches to problems, thereby creating an indirect link between the ad and what is actually being sold, whether it is a product or service.

Outdoor advertising has developed by leaps and bounds due to the advent of digital billboard technology. Nowadays the static prints are one of the several options, besides exploring new and innovative options like digital billboards or creative wall scapes.

Social media advertising is the next big thing that factors in for most ad companies and their clients. There are different approaches that can be taken in this aspect as well. Social media ads are not only about creative animations, flash videos, but also about creating social awareness campaigns that extend beyond one or two announcements. There is also an expanding world of online and mobile app advertising that opens up more vistas and creative possibilities.

Whether you are looking to buy media slots, get traditional prints for your office or wish to get outdoor billboards done, check out what is new and trending among the ad blogs that are out there. These are created and run by creative professionals or enthusiasts in the ad marketing world. Even in the broad categories of ad campaigns and marketing, there are new approaches being taken, designs being made and solutions being given by marketing gurus. Reading up on such trends and insights can provide you something new to think about.

If you are in the ad business, it would help provide new solutions to your clients or harness something new in marketing technologies, whether in print or digital media that would delight your clients as well as ensure that their ad campaigns will see greater success and bring in more ROI for their investments.

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Author:Kristen Jimenez